My Work

Popsugar Beauty Junkie

Produced all PopSugar beauty content on popsugartvbella
Pitched concepts, wrote scripts
Managed in-house crew
Managed the content calendar, upload and promotional strategies
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Produced YouTube influencer-activations for @summerbreak (underwritten by AT&T).
Influencer Twitter-activations drove 8 million views to
Grew @summerbreak handle from under 1K to over 90K in four months.
Managed client relations on behalf of Fullscreen with AT&T throughout.
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Produced “What’s in My Fridge” web series for .
Influencer Twitter-activations drove 360K views to in under six weeks.
Grew @upwave handle from under 2K to over 30K in six weeks.
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StyleHaul “The Haul”

Wrote all scripts for “The Haul”.
Hired host talent.
Booked venues.
Produced videos.
Uploaded videos, optimizing metadata and annotations.
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2Fab Series

Created series concept, produced videos
Supervised post-production
Managed upload process and promotion strategies

1.3 million views across the series
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Maker Studios

Developed video concepts for comedy channels including LisaNova, Ceciley, ShayCarl, The Warp Zone, and The Game Station.
Managed analytical, optimization and promotional strategies.
Produced the videos.
Oversaw upload process and release strategies.
Consulted with talent on social media and distribution strategies.
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The Game Station

Produced all content on
Managed a team of in-house writers.
Managed the upload and promotional strategies.
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